Monster Naoya Inoue knocks out heel Luis Nery! Boxing Tokyo Dome Event in Japan summary!

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Naoya Inoue, the unified super bantamweight champion in all four associations, defeated Luis Nery (29) of Mexico, a former two-division world champion and number one in the WBC world class, by TKO in the sixth round at 1 minute 22 seconds.

The match was the main boxing event held at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 34 years, and it was really thrilling, and I think the event got a huge successful.

A lot of people have posted comments and YouTube videos about this match, so I’d like to summarize them.

Boxing Event at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 34 years

As I wrote at the beginning, this is the first time in 34 years that boxing event was held at Tokyo Dome.

The previous main event was a fight between undefeated unified world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and James Buster Douglas.

It was said to be the biggest upset of the century, and Tokyo Dome was remembered around the world as the biggest upset venue.

Actually, Tyson wasn’t good condition before this fight.

At the time, Tyson was undefeated and the unified champion.

The match at Tokyo Dome was the first match in Japan.

I don’t know if that’s why, but it just didn’t feel like it was in good situation.

In fact, there was a strange atmosphere all the time.

There was also a story that Tyson was knocked down during his sparring for the match.

Besides that, they were also happy to catch pigeons in the park.

I got the feeling that they lost a fighting spirit.


And at the end, he lost by knockout in the 10th round from James Buster Douglas, who was considered a bit of a bullshit.

From this, everybody wonder if there is a boxing upset monster in Tokyo Dome? That’s what was said.

There was story like this at Tokyo Dome, the venue for the match, and Luis Neri said things like, “There will happen an upset this time too.”

The connection stories between Heel Neri and Japan

Luis Neri, who lost by TKO to Naoya Inoue this time, was a boxer with strange ties to Japan.

Since this fight with Naoya Inoue was decided, it has always been mentioned, it is well known in Japan that it is related to the two title matches with Shinsuke Yamanaka.

Luis Nery won both times, but he repeatedly broke the law by doping in the first time and being overweight in the second.

Because of this, Nery became a “hated existence” from the perspective of Japanese boxing fans.

Nery had blown away Shinsuke Yamanaka with his powerful straight left, known as the “God’s left.”

Was this because he was heavier weight or because his punches were stronger?

I remember I was thinking, “This is what happens when a heavy person fights a light person. It’s so sneaky.”

I also didn’t like how he was happy after winning.

Since he had broken the rules by being overweight, I thought he should be apologetic.

I felt the same way of thinking to Ryan Garcia, who recently defeated WBC S lightweight champion Devin Haney.

In Garcia’s case, it’s a combination of being overweight and doping.

It’s even worse because it looks like there are no rules anymore.

Being overweight has become the norm these days, and it’s seriously dangerous.

I want every boxcar to fight while following the rules properly.

Notable public measurements

Because of Nery’s before behavior, all eyes were on whether Nery would be able to properly make his weight.

As the conclusion, Nery was steadily losing weight since he had promised to weigh in multiple times in the weeks prior.

However, what surprised me was that Nery was 500g under my limit weight.

Isn’t it too much lost? I thought.

On the other hand, maybe Nery were having trouble adjusting and can’t move on the day, or maybe Nery’s body is thin and weak?

It was also annoying me to hear Nery’s entourage saying like “New!” during the face-off after the weigh-in.

Well, it is natural for boxers to lose weight properly.

This time, the weigh-in the day before was even more attention-grabbing than usual, as Nery is a heel boxer who is a habitual overweight offender.

And finally, the match has began

The weigh-in, which had been a matter of concern, ended successfully, and the match between Naoya Inoue and Luis Nery was officially confirmed.

You already know how the game will play out.

In the first round, Naoya Inoue suddenly suffered his first knockdown in his life, causing an uproar in Tokyo Dome.

Many people must have wondered, “Is Tokyo Dome the place for the big upset?”

But what made me think that Naoya Inoue was more than just an ordinary player was that he wasn’t in a hurry at all.

It must have been a surprise, and there wasn’t probably no damage at all, but it was a good response.

It’s a common pattern for him to stand up immediately, restart, and then get hit, but Naoya Inoue waited patiently until the eight count.

Even after the fight restarted, Inoue focused on the clinch right after, probably watching his own body’s reaction.

And is it okay? After I was thinking about this, he countered Nery with an uppercut and other attacks.

Nery, who received two counter attacks, decided that he couldn’t do it all at once, so Nery eased up on Inoue’s attack a little, and the first round ended.

Even though it was his first time being knocked down, I thought the great thing about Monster was that he handled it almost the best way he could.

By the time the second round began, Naoya Inoue had already calmed down and let out a loud “Huh!” before coming out of the corner.

Then, midway through the calm second round, Naoya Inoue knocked Nery down in return with a left hook.

It wasn’t a very effective punch, Inoue dodged Nery’s big right hand and landed a left hook that knocked Nery, who was on his feet straight, to the ground.

However, with this, Inoue were able to get back to even score with one down each, and I think Naoya Inoue felt better mentally as well.

Also, from the 3rd round onwards, Inoue’s pace picked up and it seemed like he was gradually enjoying the atmosphere of the dome.

After dodging Nery’s punch, Inoue stuck his face out and did a pose as if to say, “Come hit me!”

In the 5th round, when Nery came out forcefully and Inoue landed a precise hook, knocking Nery down for the second time.

This down was more effective than the first down.

Nery managed to avoid a KO in the 5th round, but he was firmly knocked donw in the 6th round.

Finally, Nery was finished straight shot after the right uppercut.

Even though it was extremely fast and compact, Nery’s neck slipped on the final straight.

Nery also spat out his mouthpiece, making it difficult for him to stand up, and the referee, Mr. Griffin, stopped the fight.

Now, the fight was over. Although he was nervous at first round, Naoya Inoue won by a landslide in the end.

Reactions from various people

Now, let’s summarize various people’s reactions to this amazing fight.

In general, most of the comments were that Naoya Inoue was the best player, even though he was surprised to be knocked down in the first round, including how he handled it.

First of all, some people said that his response to being knocked down in the first round was amazing.

This was the comment made by Japanese ex-boxer Hozumi Hasegawa, who was giving commentary on the Amazon Prime program that was being broadcast live that day.

Even though the simulation was done properly, it was amazing to see Inoue do it on that big stage for the first time.

Besides that,

  • The final punch was so compact but shocking
  • Inoue’s body was muscular and his back muscles were amazing
  • From the moment Inoue entered the venue, he was enjoying the crowd of 40,000 people

Various boxers made comments like this.

Some other people explain about this match precisely.

His next match is expected to be against Australia’s Sam Goodman.

After the match at Tokyo Dome, Goodman went up to the ring and did an interview.

But somehow, it might not be as exciting as this time, which attracted attention in many ways.

In any case, Inoue’s next match will probably be around September.

I’m looking forward to the next match.